Best Inmarsat Solutions For Cargo And Passenger Ships

The cargo shipping industry is a vital part of the global economy, and its success relies on efficient communication and navigation. Inmarsat offers reliable satellite-based services to meet the needs of cargo ships by providing unrivaled coverage and connectivity. This blog post will discuss how Inmarsat solutions are changing the way cargo ships do business.

Inmarsat Solutions for Cargo Ships

Satellite Communications Technology (Satcom)

To keep crew members in touch with one another and give them access to international communications, Inmarsat developed satellite communication technology. This includes voice calls, email, internet access, video conferencing, and more.

With this technology on board, captains can stay in contact with their crew as well as port authorities, weather services, and other vessels in their vicinity. This lets them run their ships better and more efficiently while keeping everyone safe and up to date.

Fleet Xpress

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is reliable and fast. Ka-band satellite technology’s 15 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink speeds let users stream HD videos or download large files.

Fleet Xpress also keeps an eye on network traffic in real time. To protect the data on cargo ships from cyber threats.

FleetBroadband (FBB)

The FleetBroadband service from Inmarsat is another excellent solution for cargo ships.

This service provides highspeed data, phone, and fax in a single package for all boats. It allows simultaneous voice calling at up to 432 kbps, enabling your team to contact home.

The system also has high-tech safety features, like a dual-channel VoIP phone service that keeps calls going even if they have to switch from one channel to another because of traffic or interference.

Inmarsat also provides Ship Security Alert System (SSAS), Ship Security Monitoring System (SSMS), and Automatic Identification System (AIS) (AIS).

Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

Ships are an important part of the world’s infrastructure for moving people and goods, but their safety is a major concern for ship owners, captains, and maritime authorities alike. Inmarsat has placed itself as an industry leader in ship safety by providing its Ship Security Alert System (SSAS).

The SSAS utilizes sophisticated satellite hardware to monitor ship movements and alert crews or ship owners when anomalies are detected. Inmarsat has a full suite of straightforward instructions for ship owners about how to install an SSAS on board.

It also provides helpful support with every step of the installation process, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. With Inmarsat’s ship security alert system, ship owners can rest easier knowing their vessel is safe both at sea and in port.

These systems provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities for vessels so that owners can keep track of their fleet’s performance at all times. They also offer increased safety measures so that crews can sail more safely and securely in any situation they may encounter at sea.

The Ship Security Monitoring System (SSMS)

The ship security monitoring system (SSMS) from Inmarsat offers shipowners and operators a comprehensive security solution for fleet management. SSMS helps ship captains to comply with maritime industry regulations by enabling secure, ship-to-shore communication and monitoring of shipboard activity from anywhere in the world.

Powered by Inmarsat’s advanced satellite network, this secure connection enables ship owners to better track the location and performance of their vessels, as well as monitor shipboard safety measures even when out of radio contact range. With SSMS’s automated alerting capabilities, ship owners can trust that their vessels are operating on an up-to-date security protocol, helping ensure the utmost viability of their business operations.

Inmarsat’s Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Inmarsat’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) allows ship operators to benefit from cutting-edge maritime safety solutions. Inmarsat is the leader in ship security and AIS drastically reduces the time ship operators have to spend manually managing SSAS alerts.

This proven system offers trust and reassurance, providing ship operators with accurate insights on the ship’s location which can be reviewed in real-time. As such, it is no wonder Inmarsat’s AIS technology is the go-to choice for ship operators looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS)

Inmarsat provides its Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) which is designed to protect those at sea from distress situations by allowing vessels operating in international waters to receive distress alerts from nearby vessels or shore stations if there is an emergency situation aboard the vessel.

GMDSS also enables ship owners/operators to send out distress messages quickly and reliably in times of need so that assistance can be dispatched immediately if needed. This system is compliant with all international regulations for safety on commercial vessels operating outside national waters.

Inmarsat Solutions for Passenger Ships

Uninterrupted High-Speed Satellite Communication For The Passengers

With the use of a self-serve site that passengers control on their own, the new Fleet Hotspot service aims to give guests an onboard Wi-Fi experience that rivals that of a hotel without requiring any management or smart boxes from the ferry or yacht operator. Get online access based on the amount of time or bandwidth you have purchased through their portal.

At Inmarsat, they recognize how crucial it is to keep your ship’s operations connected when severe weather strikes, so they give you access to high-speed, always-on satellite communications. Every day, over 160,000 vessels rely on our unsurpassed service availability and global coverage. Fleet Xpress enables seamless connectivity so you can navigate the world’s oceans in the toughest weather. Access to the most recent weather forecasts, ice charts, and essential messages from onshore instantaneously will help you stay on course and informed to meet the changing situational needs of your itinerary. Utilize remote diagnostics and fixes to resolve operational issues efficiently. Utilizing onboard business apps and emerging new technology can lower fuel consumption and improve vessel performance.

Fleet Hotspot

Physical separation from family and friends need not have a detrimental effect on your well-being at work. Inmarsat brings you a flexible, simple-to-manage Wi-Fi hotspot to your ship with Fleet Hotspot. To speak to a loved one, there is no need to look for a PC and stand in line. Simply log in at any time from anywhere on the ship using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Simple Crew Internet

Fleet Hotspot allows personnel access to high-speed connectivity with the ability to use their own device and is powered by our sector-leading Fleet Xpress service. The service is simple to use; crew members just control their own access as needed. They can buy their own bundles using the self-service portal’s multiple payment methods, including credit or debit cards, PayPal, and AliPay.

Exclusive Crew Bandwidth

You can be confident you’ll have uninterrupted access to high-speed, always-on, business-critical bandwidth with limitless backup and 99.9% availability with Fleet Hotspot because it is totally independent of your vessel’s bandwidth. With connectivity you can rely on for a total piece of mind, you can continue running your operations without ever compromising on safety. There is no need for additional gear, a smart box, or business administration in order to improve living conditions at sea.

Increased Competitiveness Of Vessels

Increase the value of your maritime concept by rewarding crews, luring in additional travelers, or capturing more customers. With Wi-Fi access made simple, you can expand the potential of your ship by increasing productivity and safeguarding the mental health of everyone on board.

Fleet Secure

The marine business continues to have new opportunities thanks to the digital revolution, but so do the cybercriminals waiting for any opening to launch an attack. Online criminals are not prejudiced as they scan your IT network for a weakness to abuse you, your crew, and your ship. The damage from a marine cyber breach can be catastrophic, costing an average of £2.4 million (Cranfield University, 2019). Compromised operations, the loss of sensitive data, expensive delays, increased insurance rates, and dissatisfied customers can send your fleet’s reputation into a tailspin. The IMO 2021 cyber regulations acknowledge the necessity for the sector to tighten up operations.

Secure Endpoint for Fleet

With Fleet Secure Endpoint, we’re breaking new ground in IT antivirus technology. We provide constant protection for all online endpoints on the network of your ship, with web content filtering preventing dangerous traffic from entering or leaving. Protect every single potential weak spot within the extensive network of your vessel against attack, regardless of its source. Our Fleet Secure Endpoint will automatically monitor, identify, and stop any traces of infection, whether they come from a computer, staff laptop, USB, or onboard sensor.

Unified Threat Management for Fleet Security (UTM)

Fleet Secure UTM is a complete set of network security capabilities bundled into a single device that was created especially for the maritime industry to continually scan for, identify, and safeguard the whole network aboard your vessel. A hacked vessel network provides access to the onboard control systems, where severe harm will result in enormous financial losses.

Fleet Secure UTM streamlines data traffic management thanks to a single online administration interface and a dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) to identify, monitor, and support operational activities and threat management. It is a complete solution to defend your network against internet attacks and intrusion via infected USB or externally connected devices to the onboard LAN. It intelligently checks all linked networks for malicious activity. Fleet Secure UTM, which was created in collaboration with Port IT, a market leader in maritime cyber security, offers real-time digital security status visibility and transparency. You can watch network traffic and consider individual cases to assess and reduce risks in a cyber-secure environment.

Cybersecurity For The Fleet

Can your team recognize a cyberattack’s clear signs? With the most recent training, ensure your crew is prepared to stop threats before boarding the ship. The training program, which Marine Learning Alliance created with the University of Sunderland and the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology’s guidance, contains all the information your crew needs to be aware of vulnerabilities and suspicious online behavior and best practice recommendations. To avoid using additional bandwidth, the user-friendly application-based training may be downloaded to any laptop, tablet, or mobile device and used offline.

No matter how many ships you have in your fleet, maintain uninterrupted operations while adhering strictly to IMO regulations. Fleet Secure, the engine that drives cyber resilience at sea, stops online thieves in their tracks.

When it comes to reliable communication solutions for cargo ships, Inmarsat has you covered with its range of innovative technologies. Whether it’s satellite communications or high-speed broadband connectivity that you need, Inmarsat has got you covered – not only will they provide the technology but they offer 24/7 technical support too so that any issues can be resolved quickly.

With Inmarsat’s services, your crew will stay connected while out at sea while staying safe thanks to their GMDSS system – making them the perfect partner for ship owners/operators who value reliability above all else!

Related FAQs

1. What are the best Inmarsat solutions for cargo and passenger ships?

Inmarsat provides a range of satellite communication solutions for cargo and passenger ships, including FleetBroadband, Fleet Xpress, and Global Xpress. FleetBroadband provides high-speed broadband and voice services, while Fleet Xpress offers faster internet speeds and improved efficiency. Global Xpress is Inmarsat’s next-generation high-speed broadband solution, providing coverage across the world’s busiest shipping routes. Each solution is designed to meet the specific needs and demands of cargo and passenger ships, so it’s best to discuss your requirements with an Inmarsat representative to determine which solution would be best for your specific needs.

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