Aviation Services from Inmarsat: Reliable Connectivity for the Skies


Inmarsat is a leading provider of satellite-based communications services for aviation. Their satellites and ground stations connect pilots, owners, airlines, and air charters globally. With their advanced technology and dependable service, Inmarsat helps ensure that flying is safe, efficient, and comfortable. Let’s examine some of the aviation services that Inmarsat offers.

Inmarsat’s Air Traffic Management (ATM)

Inmarsat’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) Solutions are designed to improve safety, efficiency and comfort in the sky. Their ATM solutions give pilots real-time weather, terrain, and traffic information. This helps pilots make informed decisions in flight and reduces flight delays due to weather or visibility. ATM solutions also help air traffic controllers spot aircraft conflicts faster and more accurately.

Flight Deck Communications (FDC)


Flight Deck Communications (FDC) solutions from Inmarsat help airlines optimize operations by improving pilot-dispatcher communication.

Pilots can easily communicate with dispatch via secure voice calls and text messages using FDC solutions. FDC solutions provide real-time flight performance data to monitor fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency.

Inmarsat’s Passenger Communications (PC)

Passengers can stay connected to family, friends, work emails, and the internet during flights with Inmarsat’s Passenger Communications (PC) Solutions. PC Solutions are easy to use and offer high-speed connections so passengers can browse uninterrupted during their flight.

The Benefits Of Inmarsat Aviation Services


For many aircraft owners, operators, and pilots, reliable in-flight connectivity is an essential part of their everyday operations. That’s why so many turn to Inmarsat for their aviation services. Inmarsat, a leading global mobile satellite communications provider, offers many benefits to its customers. Let’s take a closer look at what Inmarsat has to offer.

In-Flight Connectivity Services

The most obvious benefit of using Inmarsat’s aviation services is the in-flight connectivity you get with its products. Satellite data links and aircraft Wi-Fi are its main methods. Satellite data links allow users to stay connected when cellular towers or other terrestrial networks are not available. This makes it ideal for long-distance flights over densely populated areas with poor cell phone reception.


In addition to satellite data links, users can also access Wi-Fi on board the aircraft via Inmarsat’s JetConnect service. This lets flyers stay connected without using cellular networks or paying roaming fees. JetConnect lets passengers stream video and audio, make calls, and text while flying.

Reliability & Safety

Another benefit of using Inmarsat aviation services is that they are extremely reliable and safe. Its products are developed with safety in mind and tested extensively before release. Its network architecture encrypts and routes traffic through authorized servers before sending it out. A team of experts monitors aircraft-ground station transmissions 24/7 to ensure smooth operation.

Cost Savings & Efficiency

Finally, using Inmarsat’s aviation services reduces fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and downtime, saving operators money.


Pilots can also use real-time data from digital weather maps to optimise their routes for speed, altitude, fuel consumption, etc.

saving even more money on fuel costs and increasing efficiency compared to traditional methods used before Inmarsat technologies were available.

Aviation Services from Inmarsat

Inmarsat is the sole provider of a full range of inflight connectivity services, and many of the most reputable airlines in the world rely on them as the industry pioneer in global, mobile satellite communications.

Over 10,000 aircraft use Inmarsat for safety, operational, and passenger connections, making it the lowest-risk option.

Inmarsat offers many other services to help your flight go smoothly, but these are the main ones. We will see them one by one.

The Classic Aero Service:

As the first satellite communications and surveillance service for aeroplanes flying over oceans and faraway places, Classic Aero had a major impact in the early 1990s. These vital capabilities, made possible by satellites, allowed regulators to reduce aircraft separation distances. As a result, the capacity of maritime airspace increased by nearly 300%.


Classic Aero covers all major airline routes and has 99.9% global availability and top cybersecurity.

This is the reason why the majority of the top airlines in the world, in addition to small, medium, and large business jet owners, general aviation, and governmental organizations, have been using Classic Aero services for the past three decades.

The Jet ConneX Service:

The genuine independence that business aviation promises is ensured by JX. No matter where they are traveling, it helps principals to maximize their time and productivity. Additionally, it provides stability, dependability, and certainty that only the gold standard solution can. JX is the leading business aviation inflight Wi-Fi solution, supporting video streaming. And also supports live TV, video chats, large file transfers, and VPN.

JX’s global Ka-band satellite network covers the most international flight routes of any commercial aviation connectivity solution. Everywhere a Principal flies, this reliable and seamless high-speed connectivity guarantee the best-in-class experience.


And since every moment a Principal spends in the air is valuable, operators must do everything possible to allay their worries about unexpected Wi-Fi performance. Principals can live their lives without interruption thanks to the assurance JX gives.

JX really sets the industry standard for dependability and passenger experience as the only inflight broadband option to provide assured data rates globally with upgradeable bandwidth.

The GX Aviation Service:

The award-winning GX Aviation is the world’s first and only inflight broadband solution with dependable, seamless high-speed worldwide coverage offered by a single operator. It was designed and constructed specifically to satisfy the specific requirements of aviation.

GX Aviation is offered to passengers flying with a number of the world’s top airlines, including Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, Norwegian, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Avianca, and many more. It is powered by our wholly-owned and operated Global Xpress satellite network.


GX Aviation is designed for flight. The world’s top airlines can rely on GX Aviation to provide assurance and a competitive advantage in a sector where uncertainty is not an option. It offers layered and targeted capacity in addition to seamless worldwide coverage to guarantee that airlines and their customers always have access to constant, dependable high-speed inflight broadband wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The Swift Broadband:

The highest quality inflight Wi-Fi is provided to passengers, pleasing even the most data-hungry travelers and enabling them to browse the internet quickly, stream films, check social media, buy online, and more while in the air. The positive impact on the customer experience and brand reputation will give airlines a significant competitive edge.


One of the premier services for business aviation and commercial airlines is SwiftBroadband (SBB). Providing consistent, dependable in-flight voice and data access with worldwide coverage to satisfy consumers’ basic demands. Our L-band network, which has supported international safety services for more than 40 years, powers SBB. No other provider can match our guaranteed network availability, which is above 99.9% worldwide, because of our ample capacity, complete redundancy, and unmatched cybersecurity.

For Business Aviation


Regardless of the type of aircraft being used or the route being flown across the globe, business aviation SBB is a tried-and-true means to stay connected. Providing in-seat mobile phone and text services, emails, browsing, and video streaming helps ensure that the needs of business aviation passengers and crew are satisfied. It has been the top L-band service for business aviation in the world since 2009, with dependability and performance built in.

Creating Commercial Opportunities

Because Inmarsat has extensive expertise in providing cutting-edge and industry-leading aviation connectivity services, we can assist airlines in maximizing the financial benefits of inflight connections. In addition to enabling the enormous potential of connected ancillary revenue, GX Aviation can offer significant operational cost advantages, assisting airlines in both making and saving money.

As you can see there are many reasons why you should consider using Inmarsat’s aviation services if you own or operate an aircraft – from increased safety due to secure encryption protocols all the way up to cost savings thanks to improved efficiency resulting from real time data analysis capabilities provided by these solutions – allowing users full control over their operations while still keeping them connected throughout their travels no matter how remote their destination might be! If you’re looking for an industry leader in aviation communication solutions then look no further than Inmarsat!

Related FAQs

1. What aviation services does Inmarsat provide?

Inmarsat provides a range of satellite communication services for the aviation industry, including in-flight connectivity, cockpit communications, and flight operations management. Its in-flight connectivity solutions provide passengers with high-speed internet access and a range of in-flight entertainment options, while cockpit communications solutions ensure reliable and secure communications for pilots and air traffic control. Inmarsat’s flight operations management services help airlines optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance safety. These services are designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of the aviation industry and are provided through a combination of satellite communications and ground-based technology.

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